No1 taking my offer

i am trying to get my first transaction going and its been open for days…here are some details regarding the transaction with Zelle. i have set the deviation from price to 0 now to see if that helps

offer type - BTC Buyer…
.01 btc
min .01 btc
deposit .0060 btc
seller deposit .0060

let me know if you need other details??? thanks again

If you have set the deviation from market price to ‘0’ I imagine it will not be long before your offer is taken.

You can make it even more attractive by setting your deviation percentage to a negative number eg ‘-1%’ This would mean you are willing to buy at 1% over the current price of BTC.

pazza i appreciate all your responses…this has been draining and i am surprised that noone has taken my “0” offer yet…if it doesnt work soon i will do -1%

Looks like there are multiple people making better offers. I checked now and for 0.01 BTC I can see the following:


So your offer is currently 5th best.

You might need to sharpen your pencil if you want a quick trade :slight_smile:

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USD market don’t find attractive to sell BTC without a premium. That will get better as liquidity grows, holders need to sell sometimes as well.
At EUR market sometimes negative premium can be found to buy BTC.