Not a private trade

Hello, I have accepted a trade that is not from a private person. Account holder is a Pty Ltd and the account number is from transferwise. I have strong concerns whether this is legal at all and am afraid for my privacy. is there a way to cancel this trade? or are my fears unjustified?

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It may be okay. However, let’s go over a few things.

Are you buying or selling BTC? Sellers take on most of the risk so if you’re buying there is little chance of getting scammed since the funds all locked up. If he receives your $ and doesn’t release the btc then a mediator can get involved and if he is found to be negligent you’ll be awarded the btc and his security deposit.

They must follow these rules :

Otherwise the trade is considered invalid. However, If you want/can resolve it over chat then that’s also fine.

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i am the buyer. I have less concern that the funds will not arrive. My concerns are that I should make a transfer to a company that, according to google, has filed for bankruptcy and the transfer goes to transferwise, which is very likely going abroad. sounds very, very fishy to me

What was the original payment method?

I’ll assume it’s SEPA?

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it was a national banks transfer (AU). anyways, this is not the reason i use bisq. i am using it to buy peer to peer without any kyc. If i want to buy bitcoin " safe and secure " from a company, i would just use kraken for example…

thank you very much for answering :v:

There was an exchange trading in EUR, I recommend you to read this thread. Although concerns are reasonable, we haven’t got any issues, and a company is considered another Bisq user more

To get your data, a company should have your permission, at least at Europe. I don’t think the reason why a company uses Bisq is to collect private info.