Not available funds from receiving address

Hi, I have been working on this issue that is a lot worring to me. My account balance is current different from the avaiable funds, with a missing BTC value of 0.09697813. See two pictures below:

What is most scarring me at this point is that I can figure it out the origin of the problem. Two months ago, I have oppened a mobile Electrum wallet from importing the ZPUB key, in a whatching-only mode of the wallet. From that, I could follow the ballance into the Electrum mobile app iether. However, when I sent money to the Bisq wallet I just copy the BTC adress direct from the Electrum wallet, since the address were listed there.

So, after the first depposit, when I confirmed that the depposit appears into both the Electrum wallet and the total balance of the bisq wallet, I had confirmed that transactions were just fine. However, the funds are not avaiable to move.

I kindly as for anyone help. Thanks in advance.

You might have sent funds to an address that was locked for a trade, but I think that Bisq should be able to find the funds anyway.
Try to do a backup and a spv resync. Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

Thank you very much. I have already tried SPV resync, with no change. What I found to be a solution is the tool emergency wallet, which my funds came back to be avaiable for a single transaction.