Not connecting to node + unable to start after deleting SPV chain

Hi all,

I’m hoping to get some help here with an issue. I have used Bisq succesfully in the past, but this time it didn’t work. I created a buy trade and made the safety deposit to my account. The transaction was confirmed, but it did not show up in my account.

Then I noticed that Bisq did not connect to my node (continuously alternating between 0 and 1). After looking through the fora, I tried adding “peerbloomfilters=1” to the bitcoin.conf file. This did not solve the issue. Then I reset the Tor settings, also no succes. That is when I decided to delete the SPV chain and restart Bisq. My laptop has been running for more than a week now, with Bisq stating that it is resyncing with the network.

Has anybody had a similar issue like this?

I run Bisq 1.3.4 and Bitcoin Core 0.19.1.


@Delmonte Hey what OS are you running this on? Is this a brand new install with only that one trade taken?

@Bayernator Hi, I am running the node on Windows 10 Version 1909. It not a brand new install, I have used Bisq in the past. I update whenever there is an update available and I have been able to properly start Bisq after updating to 1.3.4. After updating I noticed the issues described in my first post.