Not enough info for payment

The trade has more than 6 blockchain confirmations, so i wanted to start sending the money via sepa.
There is no account name & account address, where it normaly is.
Just amount & usage code is displayed.
Is it possible to delete the used account in Bisq, to cancle the trade?
Hovering over the small trading partner icon says: “account was created 0 days ago”.
Is that a bug, or normal?

Never had a broken trade, what are the next steps?

thx Frank!

which means that your trading partner has already sent his BTC.
Nothing cancelable here.
I think you’ll have to wait for the trade to go in dispute.
And then explain the situation to the arbitrator.

Thanks Homard, for the quick reply!
Okay, but I would like to send.
Just dont know where to??

If thats the reason, because the other party deleted the sepa account,
then i would like to suggest, to improve the ui for that case.
I have done a few trades, but if it would be my first, i would be really confused right now.

So i just wait and talk to the arbitrator?


I would not wait. Open a ticket now since there is no way that you can move forward and it will just go to arbitration anyways

Thanks! Didnt know the possibility to pen support ticket in the application. Done.