Not hearing back from mediators

I have two orders that are stuck in Mediation and I have continued to chat in the orders but they have not been closed or resolved. One is from May 31st, the other is from Jan 17th. The Jan 17th one is completely finished, so it isn’t a problem of locked funds (Just annoying that I alwys have (1) in the support column. The May 31st, I would like resolved ASAP.

Thank you.

Hello @timechain, you can find your mediator here: and reach out to them on

As for the mediation that is resolved and still open, that’s a visual bug. There is a way to remove it but it will remove ALL your mediations, closed and open ones so i would not do this unless you are absolutely sure that you’re ready to delete them all.

in you Bisq data directory go to --> btc_mainnet --> db and delete “Mediationdisputelist” … make backups!!


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