Not receive a blockchain confirmation

Hello, I do not receive a blockchain confirmation. Fees are too low. What can I do?

Transaction 84c3970005a616110baa57a03d9bccdca4068ce0e2a997ba5b4e0cc896508340

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do here now, we just have to wait.

Hopefully in the future we might have a RBF transaction support to bump the fees in these cases.

For curiosity, how much fees did you use ?
(Fees were > 50 s/b quite all the 24 last hours.)

You can see the mempool here :,24h
… your transaction is not alone waiting


Unfortunately this is not a withdrawal transaction, it is deposit tx.
Fees were automatic, so naturally the transaction is stuck due to an unexpected rise of mining fees needed.

If it was a withdrawal fee, we could have use a CPFP method to bump the fees, this way a double spend or simply waiting is our best option.

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How long is the trade valid?

Trade will never fail, as far as I know, it will stay waiting for confirmation.
You can open a ticket with cmd+o at any time, but the transaction might confirm before the dispute is resolved.