Not seeing any GUI or anything on OSX

I’ve tried this on two different mac laptops, and I saw a similar thread on the same topic. When I start Bitsquare, it seems to be running, but I don’t see anything. I have the option to “Hide Exchange Window,” but there is no exchange window, and checking and unchecking this option doesn’t do anything.

When I first got started, I realized I didn’t have Java installed on that mac. (btw, one is 10.10.5, the other is 10.11.6) I installed Java on each of them, but still nothing appears to happen when I start the app. I suspect it has to do with Java on my system, but I don’t know how to troubleshoot this.

Hi, do you run an anti-virus or firewall? if so, play with their setting or turn them off, and check if it works.

No, I’m not using either. I don’t think it’s a network problem-- it’s not that I can’t connect, I don’t see any window, or any GUI. I thought I had installed malware by mistake at first, because nothing happens.

I think there may be some issue when you try to install the software and don’t have all the dependencies.