NOTICE: All summary emails have been disabled by default

Due to the limit for our free plan account on Mailjet there were delays in sending emails from this forum. In order to mitigate this issue, I disabled summary emails for all users of this forum, as a short term solution.

If you still wish to receive summary emails you can still enable it manually.
Just go to your account, by clicking on your username and go to Preferences->Emails->Activity Summary where you can mark the checkbox that says “When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies”.
You can then set how often you want to receive these emails.

Vast majority of emails that this forum sends are summary emails, which are often unwanted by the users, but have been enabled by default. I already disabled them by default for new users last month in order to comply with terms of use of our mail provider. Now it seems like a best idea to disable them for all users and let them turn it on by themselves, if they wish.

In the future I plan on running our own mail server for the forum so we don’t have these limits, but that will take some time and research to properly set up on this system.

Thank you all for making this forum awesome and friendly place as always! :slight_smile:
I hope this change didn’t create much of an inconvenience to some of you.

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