Notice: "Machine doesn't allow incoming Tor connections?"

I just updated Bisq to v1.9.1. Upon first login, I was given a warning that:

"This machine is not set up to allow incoming Tor connections. This may prevent your offers from being taken. This is common on Whonix/Qubes VMs.

(paraphrasing as I didn’t copy the note and it doesn’t show up anymore)

Before this notice, I’ve completed orders both ways (maker and taker) and had no issues. This flag only came up after updating. To my knowledge, I have not changed anything to my machine, Tor, Bisq, or firewall settings that could have triggered this.

Could someone please help me check if I have Tor configured correctly? Or at least share what triggers this notice to pop up?


This is a new check that has been put in place with 1.9.1 specifically, and it was meant as a heads up for those users who indeed had problems at taking and having their offers taken; since you report having successfully worked out trades with previous versions, if nothing else has changed other than you upgrading Bisq, it is possible that was a false positive and you should still be able to trade correctly, which you will be able to verify soon enough I think

Update - I recently completed a trade, so looks like this is a false positive.

Indeed, the first algo used to check this was open to false positives, new approach should overcome this.