NOTICE: New 0.5.0 releas NOT backward compatible!

Quite a few people were getting stuck and confused due to this.
This time you can’t update to the new version.
Close offers, open a new account/seed in the new Bisq and send the funds there.
(You can run both version at the same time.)



Yes to make it even more clear:

  • You cannot move over the old wallet to the new app (not the file nor the seed). We use a BIP 44 wallet now which has another internal structure. Simply make a normal bitcoin transaction to move funds.
  • You cannot export and import the account data. We use Protobuffer as file format instead of Java Serialization for the local data base files. Please setup the new account manually.

If you want to keep your onion address you can copy over the old one from the data directory.
You can only do that if you have not created an offer or trade, otherwise you cannot get contacted anymore!
It is also not tested yet if it has any side effect. I am not aware of any but who knows… So use it at your own risk. I will try to have a look into it soon if there is a good solution to migrate the P2P reputation (nr. of trades with past traders).

You can find the data directory under those locations (the new one used Bisq instead of Bitsquare):
Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bitsquare
Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bitsquare
Windows 7,8: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bitsquare
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Bitsquare

The key for the tor onion address is here:
[APP DIR]/[NETWORK]/tor/hiddenservice/hostname
[APP DIR]/[NETWORK]/tor/hiddenservice/private_key

We are aware that breaking backward compatibility is nothing what people like, but it would have required quite an effort to build tools for migration. I think most users will prefer that we get soon to the DAO release and to implement new features instead of spending a lot of effort for a one-time event.

We did not break backward compatibility since the initial launch (April 2016).
Sometimes it is required to make bigger changes otherwise one cannot move forward in an efficient way.
Hope you understand that.

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The only issue is if users are not aware of it, if the users download the new version without reading the release notes. thus -confusion :slight_smile:

I want to make sure I understand: If I create an offer before I copy the old onion address into the data directory my new onion address become permanent?

Just installed 0.5.0 on Win7 32-bit today and it works fine. Well done!


Yes, though I have not tested it yet. You need to copy both files: hostname and private_key

To clarify and stir a little dust :):
The program planing is great as usual, I’m not flattering I swear. , ok maybe a little?
The deficiency in my opinion is in the communication part, nothing to do with code.

Sure I am aware. Could need more support on that front… I cannot do all alone…

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Hi Manfred,
that’s a bit of a bummer.
Can you point me to some info on how to migrate the old data best and most of all, how to deal with open trades?

you have to wait until open trades finish.

you will have to start over new with the new version but you can keep and run the old client in parallel. the new version automatically installs to a new directory.

Cheers marc, I was concerned that the counterparty moved to the new version and we would ‘loose’ each other as I didn’t receive the final confirmation for days.

Either way, this one is settled and I hope we can make future migrations a little smoother.

Hi Manfred - so when closing offers on the old Bitsquare platform we still have to pay the penalty Offer Fee for removing the Orders ?

Or is this fee exempt? I see the same info when I select the Remove button.

Yes there is the fee but dont consider it a penalty as I dont consider it a penalty to work more the 3 years without earning anything on the project ;-).

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fair enough ! (: I am happy for my penalty to be a tip in this instance

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