Notification of trade

It would be nice to get an e-mail notification when a trade (or ticket) is opened. Or something similar. I’m running bitsquare on a separate computer, and it’s a chore to check for new transactions daily, sometimes I forget and it has resulted in timed out trades.

It could also be implemented as a postback, sending a POST request to an URL I specify. As an alternative to e-mail.


Yes it is on the todo list. But as well as 2FA auth not so easy to do in a decentralized setup.
We don’t want to run a mail server and collect email addresses there…
But we will look into it. Maybe there is quick solution possible…

+1 to a HTTP POST request. I dont think Bitsquare should be sending out emails, directly or via its own server. Better leave the user to decide which 3rd party server/service to use. With a more generic approach, there are also more possibilities for end user notifications, such as email, in-browser etc.

An alternative for the time being is perhaps Also, I think allows you to add watch-only addresses.

Keep privacy protection in mind. All those services would collect all your trades and match it with your email address.

A simple pragmatic solution would be to be able to specify a SMTP server in the client.
Not great for most users, but enough for power users, and even gmail users.


I don’t think implementing an SMTP protocol into Bitsquare is too complicated to do eventually. Often you can just send an email to an address using telnet.
Done it myself couple of times on some old email servers, tho I sometimes get a reject on some newer ones, for spam reasons or something. A Bitsquare client can send it directly to the mail address using Tor (some ISPs block sending SMTP, probably because of botnets spaming with emails). It connects to the server and acts as a normal mail server sending an email, no need to open any ports for return, mail servers should just accept it when you send it to their port 25. You might want to add a support for some encryption as well, so the mail service can’t see your emails. (I couldn’t get this to work for gmail btw, but there is probably a way.)

PR are welcome! -:slight_smile: