Null deposit transaction ID

I’m using 32bit version An offer has been accepted and the deposit transaction, where my other part should deposit the bitcoins, is not shown. When I click to open the transaction on the block explorer it goes to
Maybe once the transaction has confirmations it will be fixed. Tell me if you need more information.

I just got the same issue on a app running on Linux. On OSX I could not reproduce it. Which OS are u using?
You need probably open a dispute (ctrl + o or cmd+o), I think the trade process will be stuck with that bug. But you can wait a bit to see if the process moves forward.

Linux mint in a old netbook

cat /etc/issue --> Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

I tried to restart bitsquare and these things, I’m going to open the dispute.

Thanks for the quick answer.

In my case it recovered after a restart and the confirmations and all seems normal.
EDIT: wrong, the client displays the deposit tx but the process is stuck to the first step. So it requires to open a dispute…
EIDT 2: The displayed deposit tx is also wrong, it uses the previously selected one.