Number of offers changing very often


since few days i see, that the numbers of offers changing minutely from 100 to zero and all between.

fe. when i start bisq, i see 100 buy offers in the eur/btc pair, after a minute it shows me only 5, then zero, then again 100 and so on. the same with the sell offers, sometimes i don´t even see my own offers there.

i tried to delete SPV and resync, but it don´t help.

Check out this post make sure you are on the latest tor version: ❗ Users using Tor V2 are unable make or take offers

yes of course i´m on tor v3 since weeks

Sounds like it could be a connection issue then. Sometimes just disconnecting / reconnecting helps.

hmm i have this problem since few days and i don´t recognize any connection issues, in the bisq.log it shows me , that the connections are stable over hours.

also in the left bottom corner it shows me always, that i´m synced.

you mean disconnect/reconnect my modem?? tried also that, without success.

It might also just be that someone with lots of offers is connecting / reconnecting.

This would not explain though why you are unable to see your own offers.

the problem is still existing, i thought this also with someone with lots of offers, but it is not the problem, also all offer pairs are effected, not only the eur/btc pairs.

what can i do, are there any further logs which i can provide? or maybe its better, to open an issue on github??

additionally to that, when i want to take an offer i get always an error for every buy order 2222

and sell order this error11

Hi sounds like it is a connection issue. Can you send me your logs on Keybase and I will look into it. My username on Keybase is: pazza

Hi all,
just wanted to inform you, this issues was caused by my clock time on my pc, which was 5 minutes advanced, because auto time-syncing was off. after enabling, the offers are shown stably, like it should be. :grinning:

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