❗ Users using Tor V2 are unable make or take offers

:exclamation: IMPORTANT: :exclamation:

If you have yet to update your Tor address from v2 to v3 please consider doing so as soon as possible as otherwise you will not be able to make or take offers: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki
Also see video here for more info Bisq Demo Session, Episode 2: Tor v3 + Dispute Resolution - YouTube

If you are currently using the old Tor address with 16 characters your offers may not be displayed

Make sure you only upgrade when you do not have any offers in progress, meditations or arbitration open as upgrading will give you a new Tor Address and make you unable to continue existing conversations.

If you are unsure if you are using a Tor v2 or Tor v3 please see: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki

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Tor v2 to v3 upgrade instructions summary:

  1. Complete any open trades or disputes.
  2. Check the length of your onion address under Settings, network info.
  3. IF your onion address has only 16 characters (Tor v2), close Bisq.
  4. Search C drive for “hiddenservice” - part of Bisq.
  5. Copy the “hiddenservice” version NOT labelled “backup” elsewhere.
  6. Delete the “hiddenservice” original version NOT labelled “backup”.
  7. Relaunch Bisq and recheck onion address length, 56 = success/v3.