NVO decentralised exchange? Is superoir? Or fraud

Looks like the cats out of the bag…
Does anybody know much about this and if it the real deal or not??

advantages disadvantages??
Is it competetive…
What are they not telling us??

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I tried to quickly read into it. All I see is ICO, ICO, ICO, buzzwords, ICO.

Let’s wait for a functional product.


Yep, usually ICOs don’t deliver a working project because the economic incentives are off by…180 degrees.
I do wonder if they presented a sound technical plan. Has anyone looked into it?

"Secured by the Safenetwork"
You should run as soon as you read this! How come 2 guys, 1 dev, 1 warm air producer can invent a network so secure that it’s able to hide from nation state actors?

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Maybe they are really good.