Obtain first bitcoin

I read the FAQ on the site and I don’t understand 1 thing here :
If I don’t have any bitcoin, how can I obtain some to pay the security deposit and mining fees for my first trade?
I know where I can buy the first bitcoins (ATM, friend ecc) but I don’t know where to store them.
If I use a wallet (samourai or electrum ecc…) can I move the bitcoins from there to bisq’s wallet?
Thanks all

Hi @Oppu welcome to Bisq!

Yes you are correct to start trading on Bisq you need about 0.008 BTC. This will be more than enough to cover deposit, miner and trade fees.

You also get the security deposit returned following your first successful trades.

When you set up Bisq you are given a wallet. If you go to the Funds > Receive section of the BIsq app you will see the addresses you can use the fund your wallet.

You can then send over BTC from methods such as an ATM etc to your new Bisq wallet address.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks a lot for the answer, i read that I can buy here too but i guess if I don’t have any reputation check (social) is impossbile to do. I will go to ATM and see hopo to don’t make a mistake with the addess :stuck_out_tongue:
Ty again

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