Odd warning

I am receiving this message whan I try to start a sale. I have been logged in 25 mins, far more than the 2 mins they mention, but still popping up. How do I fix this please?

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I have had this same problem today. Bisq is having trouble syncing the DAO. I tried everything, even rebuilding SPV, flushing old Torrent files, and resetting DAO (rebuild from tx source). Nothing works. It also said at one point “no arbitrator available” or something like that.

I think it’s a problem somewhere in the DAO system itself?

My DAO under DAO> BSQ Wllet > Transactions says “Awaiting blocks” but it seems to be stuck the whole time. No matter what I do, it won’t sync up.

At this point, I can still confirm trades & take out the BTC, but I cannot access my BSQ and cannot open new trades.

I read somewhere that a lot of exchange sites have frozen activity due to the recent plunge BTC has taken. I would have thought they would tell us if this was the case with Bisq, but maybe not?

I think Bisq relies on some price feeds from exchanges, but other than that, Bisq should be independent from market trouble. I think the DAO server nodes somewhere aren’t syncing this morning.

I have worse problems… I can’t even get it to start (stuck at 3/4 while syncing)

Oh ok I didn’t know that

Same here, I had to reboot the program several times, and then it would sometimes(!) open but still fail to sync the DAO.

Mine took 20 mins to go through login process

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Okay at least I’m not the only one having problems. Somewhat comforting :grin:

:rofl: Yes, true lol :stuck_out_tongue:

The DAO stil isn’t syncing. Any solution?

Nope, mine isn’t working still :confused:

The problems you are experiencing are due to Tor being under DDoS attack, this is a situation involving all p2p participants, there is currently work ongoing to release a Bisq version with tor updates ASAP


OK I got in and have an active offer on! I went to tor settings and allowed them

Transaction successfully completed. All seems to be well now :heart:
Thank you all for your help and advise :heart:

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Bisq doesn’t hold any BTC, that would be very rare.
It would have to be something like Bitcoin becoming completely worthless so why care about anything related to it.