Offer and deposit disappeared

I was testing bitsquare and placed a small offer(for 0.1 BTC) the next day the offer was gone and also the deposit.

My deposit is now on an adress not in my bitsquare wallet

Now i only have 0.0055 BTC left and can no longer trade. I did not use any password to protect my funds, was i hacked?

used on archlinux(bitsquare-bin).

You can check your total wallet balance when clicking cmd+e or ctrl+e.
Did you do y trade or cancel the offer?
You can send me by email the whole screenshot of the transactions, offers, trades and history, so i get a better picture. (
I am on vacations with bad internet, so might take a bit until i reply.
Add a pw protection just in case, but I don’t think u got hacked.

I cancelled one offer at 550£ and raised it to 555£, i do not think it got accepted. Luckily my wallet balance turned out to be 0.0157, no bitcoins lost.

I didn’t hide any transactions in the first post, only 3 is viable.

I did solve the problem by using ctlr e and choosing an address in the wallet. Must be some bug in bitsquare or my system.

update: i never got the error again, i got 0.5BTC for 270£(someone took my offer). Maybe it was becuase of problems with that system(i got arch installed on 2 SSD:s).