Offer disappearing from market


I created a percentage-based offer to buy DASH for BTC (on bisq 0.5.3 on MacOS Sierra)

When I check for my offer, it only appears temporarily and then disappears minutes later.

I leave my computer on with the bisq application open. It says it’s synchronized with about 8 peers and it is on a wifi connection that seems to be reliable.

Hm… I see 11 offers at Dash. What is your currency and offerID?

Hi Manfred!

My internet’s down at the moment. I’ll get that info as soon as I’m up and running again.


OK, I’m up and running again and the offer is still disappearing from

My currency is BTC and the OfferID is XSHFTDT-20fa5aa1-6943-4952-9d8d-14d645c2c99b-053