Offer funding issues (BTC not showing up)

Yesterday afternoon I was writing a BTC buy offer (with LTC). I needed to fund my security deposit with BTC, which I did from my external wallet. The txn was confirmed on the blockchain, but it is not showing up in my Bisq wallet.

I’m new to Bisq, only installed the app yesterday. What’s interesting is that at the bottom of the screen I keep on seeing “Initializing” is it still synching to the blockchain?


You can try deleting the SPV chain file in the Settings and restart the app twice.
This should resync you with the blockchain if there aren’t any issues.

If on the left bottom side its not completed syncing you are not up to data with the wallet. if u have a local btc node running u need to wait until that is synced, otherwise try to restart, sometimes bitcoinj sync hangs.