Offer not displayed on in DASH base currency

I just published a BUY offer for DASH/EUR pair, my Bisq software (v0.5.3) is fully synchronized and running, but the website ticker does not update
I will check if my offer is visible from another computer, it may take a while though.

I know it happened before, was frozen and did not show up-to-date trades and offers.

any help is welcome !


trying to install Bisq on a LMDE 32bit OS, i end up with this issue :

official debian .deb package installed through dkpg -i Bisq-32bit-0.5.3.deb with no error
but a $ /opt/Bisq/Bisq keeps asking for /opt/Bisq/Bisqe/en/ , and when it’s there, it segfaults

don’t have a 64bit computer to check if my offer is visible to others…
Any one ?

The offer appeared magically when I cancelled my first offer, based on % value of the DASH/EUR pair, and recreated it with a fixed value. Percentage offer seemed to be the default app behavior.

if any bounty is worth it, feel free to dash me up : XeHVMnritx1rnkFAzHV3Tw8gw62n2yZK2S

the website/ticker appears to be operating normally. Perhaps your offer was not broadcasted to all peers.

If something like this happens again, You should be able to run two instances of Bisq at once on the same computer. Either by specifying a different data directory for the 2nd instance or (perhaps easier) starting the second instance from a different operating system user login.

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