Offer removal fee

Hello Bisq Team
I am new to this platform and already opened an offer to exchange BTC for GRS. I found that the market of GRS is small in bitsquare and currently, there is only one offer which is me. In addition, I have set the fixed price for my offer and the volatility of market movement is huge which could make my offer never occur

If this case happens, it means that I have to remove my offer. Here comes the problem. When I try to remove my offer, a notification appears to announce the fee of 0.005541 BTC will be lost in case of offer removal.

With the current price of BTC is around 5,800 USD, 0.005541 of BTC is equivalent to 32.1378 USD which is extremely high. I have enclosed the picture of notification in this post for your reference. Please advise if this fee is correct and what component of expense that make the fee this high.
Offer removal fee


The maker fee for a offer with 1% market distance is 0.2%. If your offer price was further away form the market price it gets higher (square root of % distance, so 4% is 2 times, 9% 3 times the normal fee).
The fee in BTC is also based on amount, so for a 1 BTC offer with 1% distance the fee is 0.002 BTC or 0.2%.

Seems your offer had either a high trade amount or a big distance to market price. The distance is calculated at offer creation time if you don’t have used a % based price (which helps against volatility issues).

There are plans for making offers editable but it is not that trivial as it might sound.

See formula for fees: