Offer taken but no trade process details showing

Hi there,

I have an offer taken with my role as seller. There are no details showing in the trade process. The trade is not progressing in any way. Can someone explain this please?

Many thanks

That’s odd. Which version of Bisq are you on… current version is 1.3.7.

Can you send me screenshot of the trade? you can DM it to me if there are private details included.

Hi Bayernator,

Screenshot below.
Yes I am on the current version of Bisq 1.3.7. I have completed other trades after this one so my end seems to be functioning.

Thank you for your help


Id black out that Trade ID as well as that is private info!

Have you tried closing and reopening your Bisq client?

Pardon my lack of understanding. Do you mean shut down Bisq then re-open?

Yep correct!

If that doesn’t work open trader chat and ask the other trader if he can click “refresh trade state.”

The trade has now gone over to failed trade status. How do I get back my fees?

Hey, you can open an Issue here:

Take a look at the other issues for formatting :slight_smile: