Offers keep disapearing/very few offers

I have noticed that when I first initialize Bisq that there are many offers to trade in many currencies however, after a few minutes of reviewing the offers, they start disappearing … then some will appear but before you can view them they disappear again… and after a few minutes there are very few offers and then sometimes there will be none at all.

I haven’t been here for about three months as I had to buy a new computer. I have been trading here on and off for about two years and don’t recall this happening. Is anyone else experiencing this or could there be something wrong with my new installation?? thanks in advance for any help

are you using Bisq v1.1.3 ?

yes…V1.1.3…and as another example, when i first started my computer this morning, i clicked on USD and it said there was 28 offers in the book…I went there and the offers were there on both the buy and sell tabs… with-in about 90 seconds it was reduced to one offer to sell BTC(all the others disappeared)…15 minutes later…still just one offer…is what you are experiencing?? I seem to remember more offers that, for the most part, stayed on the order book for considerable time or until it was accepted…

I suggest you do a search with your onion address on the forum.
Due to the scam this spring, we had some suspect onion addresses being banned from some fiat offers.
Maybe your onion could be a false positive ?

it seemes very possible …and I will need to look into how to do that. But just to make sure I’m clear…when you look at the order book…you are obviously not experiencing the same scenario, right? I obviously have a problem, right?

Right now I see 27 USD offers in my Bisq appli.
23 offers in the seel BTC column (many offers are at the 0.01 BTC limit).
4 offers in the Buy BTC column.

If you don’t see that, yes you have a problem.

You can post a link to a screen copy if you want.

Ok, here is a screenshot saying that there are two USD offers (and none showing in the order book)…this is very typical…as I remember…like you said, there are usually many more offers…this is really strange.

this also seems to be happening occasionally…nothing that I am doing…just outta nowhere I get this message. Any ideas why? could this have something to do with the other issue I have? again, thank you for any help in the matter…I have no idea.

At very first, please simply make a search with your onion address here on the forum.
(magnifier glass on the top right).
Maybe your onion is blacklisted.
Or send me your onion by PM.