Offers Not Showing Up in Bisq

I am running Bisq 0.9.3 on two terminals presently. Terminal 1 (Ubuntu 18.10) is broadcasting two AUD offers.
Terminal 2 (Ubuntu 18.04) cannot see the offers despite having 9 synchronized peers and 8 P2P Peers.

If this other local system can’t see the offers on Terminal 1, how do I know that I am successfully broadcasting to the rest of the network?

And yes I’ve tried restarting both machines to see if they’ll sync the offers again. To no avail.

hmmm. Are you certain both of the Bisq instances are synced and have separate App data directories?

Your own trades will be listed in the order book with the ‘Remove’ button.

They are listed on Terminal 1 and on

After two hours the offers have now appeared in Terminal 2. Curious


  • are the two machines using the same IP ?
  • do the two Bisq client have different onion addresses ? (Settings/Network Info/P2P Network)

Sharing an IP address, different Onion address.


it may however not be exactly the same issue (?)