Offers that are not working are listed in DASH based version


There are few examples of offers that can not be used in the DASH based version right now.

One of them is DASH/BTC where the rate is not listed. Another one is DASH/EUR where if you click the offer it says that the offer is already taken. The third one is DASH/ETH where if you click it says that the user is offline and can not take the offer.

I just want to do a feedback that It would be nice if such offers are not listed so the buyer will not get annoyed when realize that half of the available offers can not be taken. To me, it looks like somebody wants to spam with nonfunctional offers.


Hm, I am not sure if DASH network is fully supported now. Perhaps no offers can be taken, have you checked? Did you do any trades recently using DASH as base currency in Bisq?

No, I am just trying it out! I have tried the trades above and I didn’t have success due to the reasons listed. Do you know when it will be operational?

No, I am not even sure that it isn’t operational now. It might be just those trades, as the reasons for them not working are all different.