Offers that never show up

Why is it that whenever i look at the drop down menu for available currencies it shows for example Monero (42 offers) and then when i select that, it shows “there are no offers for this”…same thing for ETH…any insight would be greatly appreciated…i must be doing something wrong

Have you got the 'Offers matching my accounts" slider on green? If so you might want to toggle it off. It is next to 'filter by payment method", which should also be set to all to see all offers.

yes that did work however, now all the offers are in the gray shade color where i cannot select them…thank you for your help, any idea how to make them selectable?

You need to create the account for this payment method first, go to Account - Altcoin accounts and select XMR for XMR.
You need an external XMR wallet which can reveal transaction key and txid, like mymonero. Trading Monero - Bisq Wiki

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thank you!