On Payment option Chase Quickpay power by Felle

Yes, I have Chase was wondering if I can may use Chase Quickpay as if Felle, bcz Chase Quickpay is powered by Felle. Could I use Quckpay with an offer in Felle payment option? I went to Felle site an say use chase Mobile app Chase Quickpay powered by Felle. and do I use Quckpay or Felle when set up my Currency account.


I am not really knowledgeable in this area, but I believe that you are taking about Zelle, not Felle :blush:

Perhaps our friend @marc could help us out here. :grin:

Yeah meant Zelle it was a typo! my My bad :smile:


I saw the question but couldn’t log into the Bisq client at the time . I wanted to see if there are different requirements as it is listed as extra payment method. (I don’t remember why)


You can use Quickpay with Zelle and as Zelle account in Bisq. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. Please read the popups carefully and follow the instructions in order to fulfill your part of the contract.