One offer with serveral payment options

I know it has been discussed before - to be able to give serveral
payment options with your selling offer on bisq .
As there are still relatively few buyers on bisq, it can take many days to have your offer taken for this particular payment method.
Together with the volitility of crypto and the fee you have to pay to cancle an offer, people might shy away to use bisq - which would be a shame!

Airbnb has a function, where you as a host can invite a potential guest after an iquiry - after that “offer” the apartment is blocked for 24 hours, cant be booked by someone else. its like a vip reservation that the host offers.

That gave me the idea for a “work around” to fully implementing different payment options on one trade:

It would be a great feature, if the potential buyer could “signal” the seller, that he would be willing to take the offer with a different payment option. Of course the buyer would need to be able to see, what kind of payment methods the buyer has implemented in his acccount.
And the potential buyer would need to commit to taking the offer (just like a reservation) once the seller agrees to cancling the old offer and putting up a new one with the new payment option.

Technically the seller would just cancle his order and put it back up with a new payment option.
He would have to think about, wether selling his btc quicker is worth the cancleation fee.

What would need changing/implementing is the signal/request option and a function for accepting the offer. The requesting buyer would propably also be willing to accept a small fee, if the seller doesnt want to sell with a different payment method.

I’m not sure if that would be a better way of implementing this feature or just changing the structure of an offer. It might just be unnecessary to complicate it, but I don’t know.

Yes, it is not an elegant option - but as I read that there wont be a full implementation for an offer with multiple payment options any time soon (it seems to be very complicated), I’d prefer a work around.
As a seller of crypto, you sometimes prefer to close the deal quickly, because of volitility - even if you will miss out on some profit. But you cant tell, if someone would like to take the offer with other payment options.