One payment two trades

title is self explanatory, is it safe? If there’s a problem to one of the two trades and I show to the mediator that I paid the total amount of the two transactions will that be ok?

Hi. I’m not sure I understand. You have to send fiat to two trades but you intend to do so with only one payment? I’d advise against that. Make one transaction for each payment. Read this section of the documentation on your responsibilities as the btc-buyer.

yeah that was the idea since the seller is the same guy…I’ve read the responsibility and there’s nothing against this practice…but thanks for the advice

Each trade has their own ID that should be linked to them in case of complications. So yeah, better to treat each trade separately.

Enter the trade ID in payment’s "reason for payment"
If possible, the trade ID should be included in the payment’s “reason for payment” field. The name of this field can vary by payment method; some call it “Message” or “Information for recipient” or similar. Pick the field (if available) that enables the user to tie the payment to the specific trade.

can’t link anyway with the type of payment we are doing :man_shrugging: