One side "Wait until payment has started" and the other "Wait until payment arrived"

I am coming across this issue so often that I usually resort to emailing the other party to check. It makes it very misleading for each party and is rather frustrating. I would say it happens to me in about 1 out of 4 trades. I’ve been told it is a bug in Bisq. Has it been fixed?

The latest one is trade ID 0GJHCS. What is the right way to handle this, open up a dispute before the remaining time finishes?


Oh sorry to hear that. Yes it is a bug and not fixed yet but hopefully for the next release. Yes please open a dispute.

I think I have the same problem, ticket opened.

So how do I know if the system is stuck on “wait until payment is started” or the seller is simply not at their computer? Been waiting an hour :confused:

There is a max. trade period, when that has ended you will get a button for opening a dispute.
The prev. reported bugs are fixed in the latest version.