onion address with dozens of offers

i am newie, started this month.
i am trying to be careful, reading posts here, so i can see what the main mistakes could be.

however, i have one question about an onion address that have dozens of seller’s offers, with multiple payment methods from plenty of countries, mostly with long time history (even 500 days). Ok, it can a trader with multiple payments methods. However, plenty of the offers are very low vallue, 0,0005 btc with deposits set at 200%.
is this normal? what am i missing ? is it potentially a crypto exchange ?
love bisq

I don’t think it’s an exchange, but a proof that posting an offer at Bisq is too cheap.
Sellers don’t carry much risk as they can’t perform chargebacks, if I found a good offer from that onion address I would take it.

To add to MnM’s reply, that is a seller who is “marketing” their “Bisq OG status” in order to have buyers take his offers to get their accounts signed, all the while netting him some profits.
Nothing wrong with that of course, except that it might confuse new users like yourself :slight_smile:
You shouldn’t be surprised if you see that trader also in the Sell BTC section, using their income from the other offers to buy cheaper BTC.

thanks for the feedback

Hi @bisqcogiendo glad you are enjoying Bisq.

the minimum security deposit is hard coded to be 0.001 BTC.

This means any user selling at this rate or below will have deposits set to 100% or more.

I think the smallest trade amount is 0.0002 BTC which would make the security deposit set to 500% of the trade amount. IMHO it is not really a problem as the min security deposit is set to about ~35 USD. If it went lower users might be less incentivised to complete trades.