Is this correct for a 0.01btc transaction?

Yes, everything seems fine for a 0.01 BTC trade. The reason the multisig address has more than 0.01 BTC is because it also contains the security deposits and the mining fee for the payout transaction.
The OP_RETURN output is just metadata. It’s a hash of the contract you can see if you click on the “View contract in JSON format” button in the trade details.

In Bisq the deposit is a multisig address, and most explorers aren’t able to read multisig address, hence the error message bad reading.

I don’t see an error message, am I missing something?
And the multisig address is right there in the first output, the address starting with a 3. Also, I don’t know of any explorer that isn’t able to read P2SH addresses. The one that way too many explorers still don’t support is P2WPKH (bech32 / bc1… addresses).

Sorry I copied/pasted too fast from an older post.
There is no error message, just a bad reading.

Ok ,thank you, I sent the transfer two days ago, now I’m waiting for it to arrive.