Open trade failed after upgrade to 1.3

Hi there,
I had one open trade (buy side as a taker) before upgrading to 1.3, with lock funds inside and I just sent the money via SEPA.
After the upgrade to 1.3, my open trade is now in the “failed” tab of “Portfolio”, but I did not received my BTC…
Please, help.

Here are some infos about the trade:
“id”: “ctqpcm-10149092-3cb9-4e79-b22f-e9c64705981b-129”,

The multisig BTC transaction is the Deposit transaction. So copy that transaction ID and you can check it with your btc node or on a btc explorer if you don’t run a node. If that transaction is unspent, then your funds are still locked in the multisig.

I just checked and it says it is Unspent so you are good for now. Hop on Keybase support and they can help you out.

Reach out to the #support channel on the Bisq Keybase team and talk directly to your trade mediator. You should find their info at the top of that channel.

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What @andy1h88 said is correct - however @3cola I recommend that you remove the trade details that you included in your original post as this is private information and shouldn’t be shared publicly.


Ok. Thanks