Open Trade Not Showing Up

An individual said they sent me an open trade. It has been a couple of hours and I still have not see it. Does Bisq have to be fully synced to see Open Trades or should they appear automatically.

On a related note when the open trade was sent a withdrawal was made on my Bisq account - automatically. So I see no open trade and the money is gone from my available balance. The btc went to a wallet beginning with 3LB…

I have a trade ID the trader sent me if that helps. He sent a picture to me.

Is this normal or is something going on?

What exactly do you mean when you say that “an individual said they sent you an open trade”? You can’t send trades to specific persons… Or do you mean that someone just accepted your offer?

If it’s the latter, it is absolutely normal that the coins were sent to an address beginning with a 3. That’s the multisig address, these coins can now only be spent if two of you, the other trader and the arbitrator sign the transaction.

If you can’t see the trade in the “Open Trades” tab while your application is fully synced, this might be a bug on your side. You seem to be in contact with the other trader, so you could just tell him to click on the trade and press Ctrl+O to open a dispute. Then, the arbitrator can guide you through the remaining process.

Thanks for the reply.

Here are the events. I created an offer. This person saw it and said they were adjusting their trade limits and I would see an open offer from them shortly. He said he overwrote the trade limits. Once he said he sent the offer, my available balance reduced.

If I am in Bisq can someone use it at the same time. If he had wallet seeds could he do this from another wallet. I am feeling something has happened now.

I have a Trade ID he sent me a picture of. Is there a way to check that to see if something has happened?

In the picture he sent it is in his Open Trades section.

I still don’t think I fully understand what you and the other trader did. By “overwriting trade limits”, do you mean he didn’t take the max. trade amount, but chose a custom BTC amount within the interval you defined when creating the offer? Also, how come you are in contact with the trader? The only way you should be able to communicate with him is through the arbitrator…

Anyway, if something went wrong, it should show in your bisq.log file. If you send it to me via a PM, I can take a look at it and tell you if there is something obviously wrong…

You are using wrong terminology here, so it is a bit confusing to follow.
Adjusting trade limits, sending offers, you seem a bit confused with how Bisq works.

I would suggest you don’t do anything until the other person opens a dispute. Until then you can watch this presentation by Chris about how Bisq works

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