"Open trades" remains empty after "Buy BTC"


I tried to “Buy BTC” today and something went wrong. The “Open trades” within “Portfolio” remains empty, while “Funds” > “Transactions” shows a “Withdrawn from wallet” (12:38:24 PM) for transaction fee (got confirmed).

Within bisq.log I found:

Jan-06 12:38:24.095 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO i.b.c.b.w.TradeWalletService: print tx before wallet.completeTx: ***
INCOMPLETE: No inputs!

and a bunch of “BlockingClient”… “SOCKS: TTL expired” messages.

How to recover from this situation? How can I verify whether the order was initiated or get refund of transaction fee?!

Ctrl+o to open a support ticket does not help here, because of empty “Open trades”.

– Michael

You should probably contact @ManfredKarrer to send him the log file so he can investigate the issue and determine the cause of it.

You might also want to contact @cbeams to look into that trading fee.

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Hi Alexej,

good proposal. Sent a message to both a few minutes ago.

– Michael

self.update(): sent bisq.log to @ManfredKarrer today :wink:

I have the same issue but without error logs.
I took an offer and Bisq crashed just after sending funds.
Now, my trade list is empty. I checked in Bisq config files and the “PendingTrades” database is empty.
How can I recover my current trades ?

Go to Keybase to show your personal data, you could make sure yourself that funds have been moved from your wallet at “funds - Transactions”.

Sorry I can’t use Keybase.
My funds have been moved. All parties sent their money but since I don’t see the trade anymore I can’t confirm the trade to unlock funds and get my security deposit.
If you need it I can show my personal data here.

I’ve sent you a private message. You should refuse to share private info in this forum but it’s up to you.