Opened trade no deposit transaction id

I have opened a trade to sell bitcoin but its stuck at waiting for confirmation i read that i should open a dispute but when i want to open one nothing happens can you help me out with this matter
thank you

I assume you opened a dispute. Seems one of the traders used an older version where a bug has caused such issues. But no worry the BTC are in the traders local wallet, just maybe not visible in the UI. I will give advice and info in the arbitration chat.

i couldn’t open a dispute when i click on open dispute nothing happens and there is no open ticket showing up so what should i do if the trade expires which will be in 2 days

Hm… strange. When you are at the trade screen and the trade is selected, click cmd+o or ctrl+o. That should allow to open a dispute before the time expires. Maybe restart the app if it is not working.

i restarted the program the same thing happens when i press cmd o a box opens then when i click open case it goes and thats it nothing happens want to know what happens if the time runs out will my coins return or should it be returned manually?
my trade id is 0ed85611-4e42-4841-963b-20c3e442e665

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