Order disappears from online

When you create an order, it is worth a minute online and disappears. Why? The program is online. When you remove the check mark from the order and click on it, the same thing happens

When you created an offer, it should appear in Portfolio/My open offers.
Isn’t it the case ?

Yes. It’s in the program. And on this page (https://markets.bisq.network/?market=dac_btc) it appears for a minute and disappears

Which Bisq version do you use ? Which OS ?
Is it the first time you encounter this issue ?
Do you already have trades open ?
One thing which often ameliorate things is : go at Settings/Network Info and delete and resync SPV chain.

Maybe this could also be a side issue because there is no Sell DAC offer ?

Can you post a screenshot of the offer? do u see the offer at the Bisq app (if you want to buy btc u need to look for it at the sell BTC offer book as it is mirrored - the peer wants to sell if he takes your buy offer). Maybe its a bug in the markets page only or something is strange with your offer. do u have the latest Bisq version? if not please update.

Win 7 64. this is the first auction. Chain SPV removed, same thing.

When it gets removed do you still see it at your portfolio/myOffers screen?

I see it in my briefcase. yes

Portfolio->My open offers is the screen that you fist gave a screenshot for. It is just not in English on your screen.

When your offer disappears, does it disappear from that screen?

In program remains. The site disappears. Other users don’t see my offer either

Maybe looking at logs can give you some clue on what is going on with your offer.
You should also check your maker fee transaction on a block explorer, to see if it got confirmed.