Order Timed Out, Lost Deposit!

Today, on 12/8/17 around 3:48 PM CST U.S., I made an order for .12 BTC with a seller and the order timed out, taking my BTC deposit with it! How can this Bisq program be written to do this to a client?? My only option within the program was to copy the extremely long Log Report, which I did. I don’t even have any order number or the exact amount of BTC it took from me because that window disappeared. I want the BTC returned to me. I don’t understand why this would happen and then have no recourse within the program itself to request assistance? If it times out for whatever reason, it should not be taking fees. I am running the latest Bisq software because I did the update yesterday. Please assist promptly. Thank you.

Can you PM me a screenshot of the funds/transactions screen and the portfolio/pending screen?
The security deposit has not left your wallet if there was an error. Worst case is that the trade fee is lost. PM me for further assistance.

Okay, I did send both screenshots, but don’t see them here in the communication window with you.