Orphaned trade

Have a orphan transaction in my open trades. I cannot start payment because it stays since 26 hours in “wait for blockchain confirmation” status. As well I cannot pen a dispute with ctrl-o because I have no transaction I can select in the menue.
Please advise.

Check with a block explorer your txid to see if the transaction was broadcasted in the first place. If it shows up in the block explorer, it means that it did, otherwise if you get an missing transaction error, there was a bug.

It is possible that due to the recent sudden rise in mining fees your transaction got a bit stuck waiting for confirmation. The simplest thing to do here is to wait for the transaction to be confirmed and continue the trade normally, if you are not in a hurry.

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There is no link to the transaction as usual.
But if I click on the “i” of the trade id I can see the maker fee and taker fee transaction (more than 600 confirmations already). So looks like my fee as the Bitcoin buyer is already in the escrow transaction and same for the seller (with fee + Bitcoin value).
Other trades after and before are working normal.

as said Alexej, fees were high quite all the day yesterday,
and the mempool was/is rather crowded: https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#1,24h

Perhaps there was an issue with deposit transaction being made, try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings.

You can always withdraw that deposit with cmd+e and start over.
For the fee you can ask cbeams for a refund.

This is how the lower half of the screen looks like:


Shouldn’t there be a blue arrow left hand of “Wait for blockchain confirmation”?
Thank you!

P.S: Resync SPV didn’t change

Probably the best you can do here is to withdraw your funds for now from Bisq with cmd+e and ask for a refund of the trade fee.

Later you can start with the new data directory.

The deposit transaction has never been broadcasted, therefore it’s a failed trade by default. Only thing you can do is open a ticket and get your trading fee refunded.

I’ve noticed this happening more frequently since last week. I used to have one of these trades like every 150 trades. Yesterday I had 3 in a row.

Hold on, I’ll show you some screenshots about how it looks like if that scenario kicked in, so you can compare and check if the same thing happened to you.

#1: safety deposit shows as "locked in trade. If you resync the SPV file you will notice tho that it has not been deducted from your available balance (only AFTER you resync the SPV file)

#2: There’s no deposit transaction ID (before you resync the SPV file there’s usually a tx ID in there that can’t be found on the blockchain explorer

P.s. The screenshot you provided earlier looks like this happened to you as a maker (I saw the exact thing before)

You can also verify that the trade is failed if you go to your transaction history:

#1: here you can see the 3 failed trades; only the fee has been sent out
#2: that’s how a normal trade should look like. There’s one tx created for the multisig deposit and another one with the fee.

When you open a ticket with ctrl+o and it asks you to select the tx ID manually, just pick any from the list (the real one doesn’t exist and therefore can’t be on the list. Just explain everything to the arbitrator and he should be able to sort it out.

Thanks for the great explanation. My case seems to be different, but I’m sure I can use yours when facing same in future.
In my case deposit transaction has taken place, I can see it in the blockchain. Half of the screen is not available. So I think best option is I go for cmd-o as you describe with other trade. Or if needed I have still the cmd-e then. Waiting until current trades are finished.
Thanks to all!