Other decentralized exchanges?

apparently there are a few others around.what are they? have you used them? how do they work? what software?
what are they like compared to bitsquare… and do you need to have a new/coin token to use it? (is it a scam?)
do they do fiat as well as crypto?

I haven’t come acroos a single one that accomplishes the same as Bitsquare does.

There’s one I remember - Coinffeine - that was close, but still inferior and different. The project was abandonned right after beta release and their ceo (they founded a company and received seed funding from bbva) went to work for a bank if I remember that correctly.
They only had a single fiat payment processor (OkPay).

One that I found on on Github was Mercury but i think nothing came out of it as well. Don’t click the link to their website. Seems infested.

Bitshares has a decentralized exchange but doesn’t trade fiat, just IOUs like BitUSD and BitEUR. Didn’t study that one and neither did research about the stuff built on Ethereum and pure Crypto-Crypto.

The only solid other decentralized exchange/markets are OpenBazaar and BitMarkets IMO.
MercuryEx is interesting for crosschain tx but I have not followed their state.
MultiSigna might be interesting but as well I have not followed it and it is not much decentrlized with servers (same for MercuryEx).
There are plenty of asset/altcoin only exchanges. Though IOU is not Fiat.

thanks guys! sounds like i dont need to look elsewhere, happy here anyways! i may use bisq tho :slight_smile:
i think openbazaar can be very disruptive too. we have to convert more people!