Outgoing Transaction stuck for 18 days

I sent some BTC from my bisq wallet on Dec 13, and it is still unconfirmed. Is there a reason it has not been dropped by network? Anything you guys can do on your end ?

You are in full control of your bitcoins, so only you can potentially do something about this.
You can use a transaction accelerator like the one ViaBTC has, just make sure you post your transaction id quickly on a full hour.

Alternatively you can look into using the CPFP method.
If you share your txid someone might help you out with acceleration.
I will try to help you out if you tell me the id of that transaction.

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Is the ID

I accelerated it for you.
It should confirm very quickly.


I tried using Bisq today but I also have a outgoing Dash transaction stuck for a day now.

TX ID: cb255ddd76dd65657df542f5a7532462d6b4792a2247516f7b76f8dc5945984c

Dash receiving address: Xn5Cv24gCvfMwfqrMMzD2aCq2UC2himQE9

I sent 1 Dash but it says the receive value is “0”.

Any help?

I am not very familiar with Dash, but you should check some block explorer to see if the transaction is confirmed or not.

Is this a withdrawal transaction? I am not sure what you meant by outgoing, but I assume you meant withdrawing Dash from Bisq to your external wallet.

I check with a block explorer and it says that the transaction was successful but it only sent “0” dash (when I sent 1 dash).

I was sending 1 dash from inside the bisq wallet to one of my dash wallets (external wallet).

The bisq transactions tab just has the transaction confirmation status with a stuck loading icon.

I have no idea where to even start to figure what went wrong. Only thing I can think of is that I check the box “include transaction fee” is the only other thing I can think of that might have been an issue. But a pop-up dialog box was displayed saying it was subtracting a btc transfer fee 0.0001 which is usually the dash transfer fee amount I just figured that was a typo.

Ok so I found out how to resync bisq and I’ve got my dash back into my bisq account. So that’s the trick is deleting the spvchain file and then reopen bisq and let it sync up.

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