Over 7 days, no response from mediator or seller

Hi, I have an open, unconfirmed trade that I am receiving no response for.
Seller has received my payment, yet is not showing up to complete.
I sent to mediator, leo816, who is also not responding yet.
I read that there is 10 days until funds are sent to donation?? What about the altcoins I paid already?

What can I do? Thanks in advance for your time and help on this

Hi, it’s pretty strange that leo816 is not responding. Have you tried reaching him at Keybase? Maybe some messages are lost. Finding your mediator - Bisq Wiki
10 days since the beginning of the trades (for alts, 20 for fiat) any trader can send funds to DAO and start arbitration. Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki

Hi, please contact him on Keybase. his handle is @leo816

Thank you both, will do

Sometimes the messages are not sent in the Bisq client. If you have not had a response you can send the message again.

Look under your message for what it says

‘message arrival confirmed by receiver’ = message sent and receiver’s Bisq is online
‘message saved in receivers mailbox’ = message sent but receiver’s Bisq is not online.
It does not say anything = message not delivered