Paid ~500 BSQ trading fee for nothing


I have copied all BTC private keys to another wallet. I saw 2 BTC addresses under 50k sats even totaling under 50k satoshis. I thought those are dust coins and I can spend. Because those coins were not visible in bisq. I spent those 2 btc’s with 1 transaction. After I logged back to my bisq I noticed my DOA balance has been deducted by around 500 BSQ. There is no trade I have done for that fee. Only I did is to spend some dust Bitcoins.

How can I get back my around 500 BSQ’s?
The BSQ transaction received 3 confirmations so far. I can provide BSQ transaction ID

If I pay those exact dust bitcoins back to the same 2 BTC addresses, can I get my 500 BSQ’s back?

I have logged out and in to bisq gui to see if it helps. But nothing changed.
My trade history shows nothing for that trading fee.
DOA > BSQ Wallet > Transactions show that ~500 DOA transaction as trading fee.
This is quite weird.
Please help.

didn’t help.

DOA balance should have some connections to those dust bitcoins which I spent.

joined the matrix chat as described at User support - Bisq Wiki
Probably I am the first bisq user with such a weird problem :slight_smile:

Official support is silent or has never been existed. They are unreachable. I tried the chat. Only an ordinary Bisq user tried to explain the situation. But official support is slient. Bisq costed me 500-600 USD. Bisq earned 500-600 USD from me. They make BSQ as if like a different coin. But BSQ coin works on BTC blockchain, is almost identical to BTC. I bought BSQ in order to save some trading fees. But it costed me huge.

I suspect Bisq developers make this confusion knowingly. If you develop a coin, you should develop a standalone coin with its own blockchain. Noone can think of BSQ is almost identical to BTC. Both coins have their own wallets in Bisq.

I am very sad trying Bisq and will never recommend anyone Bisq. They cause confusion with their BSQ coin as if it’s an entire different coin by providing a different wallet. It’s a trap for the Bisq users.

Proof? Official support is silent. They already know this fact. That’s the outcome they expect by making BSQ looks like very different coin from BTC. Good luck with your trap. I will uninstall Bisq and will not use it.

If you sent the bitcoin outputs that were colored as BSQ with an external wallet it’s possible that they’re still colored as BSQ. First step is to not touch those outputs until you have investigated this further.

If you have the address of the BSQ that you sent, the transaction id or the receiving address you can check to see if the BSQ have been destroyed or not.

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We had an extensive conversation with the user over at Matrix, and I explained how it is very likely they lost their BSQ, yet @sqrmm might seem to give some hope… the user said, on Matrix, that the receiving wallet is out of their control, so that route might not be accessible, nonetheless it is good to know this possibility exists