Painfully Slow Trade - 6 Days of Worry and Uncertainties

I did my first trade Sep 23rd, it’s been 4 days already and I haven’t been able to complete it yet.

I sold 0.1 BTC to a trader from Germany. I’ve already received the money he transfered by SEPA.

But I think he forgot to mark the trade as paid so now I’m stuck and unable to release his BTC.

What should I do?

What if the trader thinks I’m intentionally holding his BTC and start a charge-back with the bank?

It could be the bug mentioned here.

If you have contact information, you can send them an email. Or can open dispute (ctrl/cmd-o) and explain situation.

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Most likely is, dispute opened, thanks a lot!

I also paid Euro to someone in the Czech Republic 4 days ago. My wallet is still stuck at “awaiting payment confirmation from seller.” I hope the SEPA instant payment is operational (but I hear only in 2018) and it will alleviate this problem even if it was a bug. In this day and age, waiting 4 days for a payment to go through is simply unacceptable! The bitcoin price difference can change by some €2000 before seller confirms to send it to buyer, thus leaving either party unhappy. Even in developing countries, there is now near-instant mobile money transfer. Also, is there no way to prod the seller, like a ‘poke’ in Facebook or sms? Waiting for a wallet to be online before a transaction is completed is also a problem. The sending wallet could ask permission from the receiving wallet’s device in order to open a parallel communication channel (sms?, e-mail?, pop-up notification?). I know mobile numbers are not required and that no 3rd party should have access to temporary buffer funds. Browser-based web-wallets at other exchanges like Remitano handles security and buffering/notifications seemlessly…

Yeah, banking system can be pretty slow.
Communication between trading peers has been purposely avoided by now in order not to open up channels for social engineering attacks.