Partnership Option with Platinum Listing

Dear Bisq team,

Mandrake here and I am a part of Platinum Listing Team!

Platinum Listing provides listing services and we have more than 300 active clients ready for listing on various exchanges.
We are already working with 55+ exchanges and would like to partner with your team to bring you new clients for listing and generate extra revenue.

Please let me know who would be the best person on your team to discuss partnership options. And if you could provide the contact details of that person — email address, telegram, facebook, etc., it would be of great help.

Here’s our web site:

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,
Mandrake Peligrino
Platinum Listing

I’m going to be honest with you @Mandrake, Bisq gets partnership offers all the time and to my knowledge the team never really got into any partnership.

I guess Bisq team likes it’s independence and it’s accessible open source nature.
The whole project is decentralized and permissionless, so I don’t think any kind of deals with third parties would do Bisq any good in most cases.

I don’t want to say that Bisq will never have any partnership with anyone, because no one knows what will happen, but I find it really really unlikely that Bisq will get into a partnership with any company or a closed source project any time soon.

If you are an open source project, you maybe have a chance, otherwise I doubt it.

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