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We are a microcredit company called Micromoney. We’ve got more than 100000 customers in Asia and besides, we enhance our customers’ base to China, India and Latin America. We would like to use your decisions in our business. What do you think about it?
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Anatoliy Ivanov

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There are people who seem to have great ideas, but later it turns out that someone else is their author. We often think that we have a great idea, but it turns out that it has many disadvantages. Such an idea becomes useless. I am interested in cooperation. I am the author of a P2P system designed to revolutionize the transit between buyer and seller and seller and buyer on P2P system. I was going to present my project to well-known companies dealing with this industry. But I thought I might offer the help to Mr. Manfred Karrer. I like his determination, and commitment and I would like to help the whole project. I would like my share to be part of the success we could bring together as we can completely change the bitcoin market and completely decentralize this currency to 100%. My project can make this possible. I think I have similar views as Mr. Manfred Karrer. We could have a fair contract guaranteeing my participation in the project, so that my idea would revolutionize the whole system.

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