Password HELP! please

Hi Guys and thank u 4 ur attention.
I’ve funded my bisq with 0.02 btc and now i’m unable to withdraw
getting this error:

And I’m getting the password prompt when changing to “Wallet seed” tab.
I’m pretty sure i didn’t set a password. And even if i’m mistaken, there is a limited set of passwords i could have used. None matches.

I would gladly pay half of this wallet’s balance for rescue.
P.S i couldn’t attach the log here, but i have it. with and w/o the private keys.

Do you still have your seed words? If you have a backup or seed words, there is nothing to worry about.

You should still be able to export your private keys with alt+j, although this is a weird bug that seems to make Bisq think that your wallet is encrypted. Have you tried restarting the app?

Hi alexej996!
thank you for your fast response (i was just reading your help on translations).
I’ve saved the seed, imported it on a freshly installed bisq (on other laptop), the balance is zero :hushed:

How can i show you the log?

The money is important, but my confidence in bisq is even more important as i see it as the most decentralized fiat-crypto gateway up to date.

Well you could try deleting the SPV chain file in the Settings and restarting the app twice.
That will get Bisq resynced with the the network.

Alternatively you should be able to just import those seed words in Electrum wallet or export your private keys form that freshly installed Bisq on that other laptop of yours.

Of course :blush: You will recover your funds, don’t worry. Seeds are all you need.

Even if i saved the seed prior to funding my wallet?

OK, resyncing, at 6% currently. I’ll update you on completion.

Yes :slight_smile: Seed words have all the information needed for your future use of the wallet.

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Alexej!!! it worked!
on the new laptop, where i recovered from seed and initially was showing zero balance, suddenly i’ve noticed that it has changed to 0.02.
And i was able to withdraw! it is still unconfirmed, but now i have much more patience. Patience is so scarce, it should be incorporated into some PAT coin.
I want to thank you as i promised, can i have your address?


Great news! :smiley:
No, no. No reward needed. I am just here to help, thank you for your kind offer however :blush:
I am glad that you fixed your problem with Bisq :slight_smile:

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THANKS!!! maybe one day i’ll be able to help people as u did.

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