Past Contributors: Make Sure You're Added to the Mainnet BSQ Genesis Distribution

If you contributed to Bisq at some point in the past, please make sure you send a new BSQ address to so that you can be included in the genesis transaction.

We are requesting a new address because wallets from the 2017 versions of the Bisq application may be incompatible with the new software.

You can get a new BSQ address by downloading the latest Bisq software.

Your BSQ address will be in the lower-left corner of the DAO screen:

Please check your email (you provided when being part of the genesis distribution in summer 2017), I sent an email to all past contributors.


On July 13 2017 I sent an email to describing my role as a contributor (greek translator) to bitsquare.
It seems that the address I sent back then is the same as the one which the last Bisq version gives me now.
Do I have to replace it with a new one somehow?

Also in the spreadsheet next to the above mentioned BSQ address appears to be a balance. Does that mean that because of the email I sent back in July 2017 I was allocated a compensation for my contribution?
On the BSQ Block Explorer though when I paste my BSQ address I get the message “The information regarding this address is not available, as it doesn’t contain BSQ yet.”.

Can you please give me some instructions on what to do?
Thanks in advance for your time.

I am not sure about the same address thing. Perhaps you just didn’t change your data directory since then and there were no changes.
I would still suggest you switch to a new data directory eventually. Just in case.

Yeah, if you see an amount right next to your address in the spreadsheet, that means that there will be balance on it after the genesis distribution. Spreadsheet is just simulating the DAO until it gets implemented in Bisq software.

It is fine that there is no balance on it yet, when using a block explorer, since these BSQ aren’t distributed yet. Not even on testnet.
You should see the balance on it once DAO is live on mainnet.

So in conclusion, I would switch to a new data directory if you haven’t done so since 2017. WIthdraw the funds and generate a new mainnet BSQ address. Then send that one to

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@Stam to confirm your question regarding addresses, it will probably be fine to use the same address, but to be 100% sure, it’s recommended that you use a new one.

To do that: archive your current data directory somewhere safe (details here), delete it from where it is now, and then restart Bisq.

And of course, make sure to email both the new and old addresses to the genesis@bitsquare address.

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@alexej996, @m52go, @ManfredKarrer

I just read the last comments on slack compensation channel and I realise that there are a few arguments about the compensation of contributors (with which I agree). So I have one more question:

  • The balance in the spread sheet next to my original address (which I will replace with a new one hopefully today) shows BSQ which will attributed to my address after the genesis distribution (according to @alexej996 answer above). Since I don’t remember asking for BSQ before, I presume that this amount was decided to be offered to me at an early stage of the DAO creation to compensate me for my contribution. If that is the case, then what is the point to apply for compensation by opening an issue in github? I feel like the amount which will be transferred to me after the genesis distribution is enough for the job I have done until now.

By the way, I have already opened a compensation issue in github (issue 248 for March 2019). But if my thinking is correct (and with the genesis distribution I get contribution compensation), then I have to withdraw the issue.

Please, can someone answer me soon enough so I can withdraw the issue? (I hope I can do that)

Also, I may not care for being awarded more BSQs, but I would really like to be in the initial group of people who helped (even as little as I did) creating Bisq. So, by withdrawing my github issue in this last round of voting for contributions before the DAO launch, I hope it won’t remove me from that initial list of contributors.

I hope all the above make sense…

Yeah, I think I understand. In your compensation request for this month you listed work done before the DAO even started. For this we already had a genesis distribution when the DAO started in the form of spreadsheets.

Yeah, if you didn’t do any additional work since then, you can close the compensation request and explain it in a comment of that issue.

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I just closed my compensation request (issue 248 for March).

Thanks for all your help!